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Just 3 days to go!

First of all, Happy new Year! to all those who are reading this blog for first. I hope you to enjoy it… though it’s yet taking its first steps.

Today begins THE WEEK. Why? Because next Thursday I’m flying to Luleå. And so, it’s being a very stressful Monday, with the early nerves as I’m already preparing my luggage. What is coming? Who knows… by the moment it’s time to say goodbye to my family and my friends, and to be ready for meeting new people, new horizons, and all the new surprises that my destination may provide me in just a few days.

There will be news soon. Next time from the end of the north. Here we go!


Welcome to my blog “ERASMUS at the End of the North“. My name is Ismael Rastoll and I am a Spanish Erasmus exchange student of Telecommunication Engineering who is moving to Luleå (Sweden) for six months in order to widen my world views, to learn from new subjects and to share experiences with new people… To live a new promising experience far from my environment, and in a place which seems to be as nice as extreme.

If you decide to follow my travel through this blog, I wish you to enjoy it the most. To help this, I’ll try to keep it updated at least every week with new photos, stories and comments. By the moment I can say little more, as my future in Luleå is still a dream that will materialize slowly. So, looking forward that moment to arrive…

…Let’s continue dreaming at least!